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We encourage you to share your own pictures during your travels in Sri Lanka. Your satisfaction is our success.
The ranges of vehicles that can be booked are as follows;
 Standard and Superior Deluxe Cars
All cars used by us are in the deluxe category. The older one’s are classified as standard, but rest assured they run smoothly without interruption. Being the newer models, the superior cars are of course equipped with more modern features and also have that perfect look and feel of being new for those who prefer that.
Nissan N16 | Toyota 110| Toyota 121
 Micro Buses
This is a bigger vehicle for groups of upto 10 persons. However, if there is baggage, this vehicle can take upto 6 persons so that the last rows are taken out for the bags. It is the ideal vehicle for a 4 to 6 pax group to tour the country with a chauffeur come guide. Having higher ground clearance than cars, these micro buses can go along some of the “B” routes as well and do a better tour.
  Toyota Highace | Nissan Caravan | Toyota KDH 222
The larger coaches can also be booked here, but it must be well in advance. We can arrange transfers or full round trips. Coach sizes start from 10 pax with baggage and can go upto 50 passengers supported with an additional baggage lorry.

 Superior Deluxe SUVs
SUVs can be better on the long distance drive, especially if you plan to get off the beaten track. The entire country is linked with a network of highways that are just fine to travel by car and can reach almost all hotels. However, there are many more routes that tap the interiors and this is when the SUVs get going.
 Luxury Category
This category is similar to the purposes explained in the previous categories, except that these are luxury cars and SUVs that come at a very high price.

 Toyota Allion | Toyota Axio
  Quality Standards and Maintenance
Vehicle maintenance is a priority at all times. Starting from being washed and cleaned on each day of your tour, they undergo the periodical preventive maintenance programmes to ensure smooth running when at work – that’s with you! If at any time you feel a vehicle is not to your satisfaction, please let us know and we will look into it right away. If it can be fixed, it will be done, once they finish with you for the day. Don’t be surprised if a mobile crew turns up for road side assistance. If it has to be replaced, we will do so at the next available opportunity without hampering your programme.